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Economics and Skip Hire

Quick Tutorial in Economics

A skip hire blog or the waste disposal industry is not the place we expect to see an article about economics. However, that needs to change as you will see from this article. Traditional economics dictates a very linear model of production-consumption-disposal. Sadly this is environmentally destructive and is not the smartest approach to economics. A new approach has been coined as a ‘circular economy.’ What does that really mean? It adopts a whole system/industry view and tries to design and produce products that can be used efficiently and cost effectively and when those products reach their end of life they can be recycled so that in effect they continue to contribute to the economy whilst minimally impacting the environment. This means better value from the products that have been designed and made. Clearly, it is important that everyone is involved at all stages along the product journey.

Circular Economics and Skip Hire

Given the above description of circular economics it is easy to see how important industries like skip hire are in contributing to a circular economy. Ultimately, the UK economy with the support of agencies like WRAP (see previous blog) is aspiring to become more circular than linear. It is one thing designing recycle friendly products; it is then another thing expecting users to dispose of those products in a ‘recycle friendly’ way. If you are having a big clear out then hiring a midi skip may be the answer. This could be your way of contributing to a circular economy. The midi skip is not overwhelmingly big but it is big enough to take away a significant amount of waste from your home that could be put to better use elsewhere in the economy. Where waste cannot be recycled you can trust AM Skip Hire to responsibly dispose of it in harmony with UK regulations.



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